I thought I should put a warning in this forum. I like the idea of Sunbelt's VIPRE, and I have it on both of our PC's.
However, I've encountered several problems recently. One that seems to be general, and has not been fixed
ever since VIPRE version 3.1.2315 appeared, is that it is clearly incompatible with Thunderbird (and Seamonkey too,
according to one post I've seen). The result is slowdowns or even freezes. For us, it can take close to a minute
to see an email or delete it, for instance. Sunbelt is working on fixing the email part of their program, but this situation
is now a couple of weeks old. The only workaround is to disable "active protection", and, of course, that cancels
a primary function of VIPRE. In sum, I wish I'd been warned, and I'd advise anyone for whom it's relevant
to make sure about the VIPRE version, remembering that the next number (greater than 3.1.2315) is intended
to be OK, according to the company.
EDIT POSTSCRIPT: Note that the problem is not equally bad for everyone. It's not as serious
on one of our 2 PC's, for instance, though it's still there.