I don't doubt that I did something wrong here, but I'm not sure what:

I have a paper (Document 1) that has several citations. Word created a Reference page just fine.

I had to add to the paper, so I had drafted several paragraphs in a separate Word document (Document 2). This document had its own references, although I had NOT entered the citation information yet. Instead I had just marked each spot.

Then I copied the text from Document 2 and pasted it into Document 1. Then I went through the text just added (in Document 1), noting the citation markers, and entered all the citation data.

When I then went to generate my reference page, only the latest data was listed, not any of the initial cites I had entered.

How come? Is there something I should have done and didn't? Or something I DID do that I shouldn't have? Or is this just a Word foible that the user has to accommodate?

Chuck Billow