I have two laptops, one of which is company owned and they are very very picky about what they will install and what they won't. I finally got them to install my home printer on the laptop and when I wanted the printer I unplugged it from my USB hub and plugged it into the company laptop. Yup that was a true pain. I thought to myself, why not use a switch.
After doing some investigating I found that what I needed was a KVMP (The "P" for peripheral). So, now I have the USB hub plugged into the KVMP, and the KVMP is connected to both laptops. With the press of a button I now have access to the printer/scanner, as well as my Maxtor external hard drive and my Neat Receipts scanner although I need to have them install that software too. Finally I need to have them install the latest version of Active Sync. That done my Smart Phone will automatically sync to which ever computer I have the switch on and keep both Outlook Calendars and contacts updated with each other, and no more putting files I need to work on at home, on my Pocket drive and then transferring them back and forth and then downloading them to my home laptop. It also connects to the USB port.
The USB hub us a Kennsington 7 port, and the KVMP is a Belkin 4 Port.