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    Run Scheduled task when connect to internet

    Is is possible to create a scheduled task which will only run when you are connected to the internet?

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    Re: Run Scheduled task when connect to internet

    The glib answer is yes, because the scheduled task would run at the time(s) you have set it up to run, regardless of whether or not you are connected to the internet!

    You could write a BATch file which tried to access a website using something like (the Windows port of) WGET, to retrieve any file you fancy (preferably v. small) from any website you fancy.
    If the download fails, assume no internet connection, and give up.
    If the download succeeds, then there must have been an internet connection at the time (and may well still be now). Then do whatever you want while connected to the internet.

    More information would engender more precision...!

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