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    VBA Color Change (Excel 2003)

    I'd like to find some code that would hopefully change the color of a drawn hyperlinked picture once it has been clicked on. I have a number of spread sheets in which I've drawn some hyperlinked text boxes which look like buttons. I'd like them to change color to indicate that they have been clicked on. Thanks to everyone.
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    Re: VBA Color Change (Excel 2003)

    You will have to use the macro to also goto Test. If you have a hyperlink the hyperlink is used and the macro is not run. You can add this macro to a module. Assign the macro to the button and then delete the hyperlink. When the button is pressed it will change from red to blue and then goto Test.

    <pre>Sub ChangeToBlueGotoTest()
    ActiveSheet.Shapes(Application.Caller). _
    Fill.ForeColor.RGB = vbBlue
    Application.Goto Reference:="TEST"
    End Sub</pre>


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