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    Making Existing Table Style into a new template (2003 / 2007)


    I am trying to save me existing table style into a template so that I can use it to other tables. But when I go into table style (auto format), it says that I have to design the table right there and then save it for the template!

    Is there any way I can make me current table design, into a template?


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    Re: Making Existing Table Style into a new template (2003 / 2007)

    I don't think there is a way to create a new table autoformat from an existing table.

    You'll either have to recreate your setup in the New table style dialog, or select the table and create an AutoText entry from it (make sure that the AutoText entry is stored in your template). Users can then insert the table by typing the name of the AutoText entry and accepting the suggestion (or pressing F3).

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