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    alerts for new task? (2003)

    We have 2 people sharing a task list--a boss and his assistant. The task list is in the Outlook (exchange) account of the assistant and the boss has rights to edit or add tasks. The boss is asking if there is a way that the assistant can get an alert that a new task has been added or that an existing task has been modified. Any suggestions on how to do that? Our option at this point is for the boss to send an email and have the assistant drag it to create a new task--just hoping there is an easier way. Thanks

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    Re: alerts for new task? (2003)

    Would the boss try Delegated Tasks? When the Task is created, set the Due date and Reminder Date and Time, click the Assign button, and send it to the Assignee. Then when the Task is changed/updated, I believe the Assignee gets an update. (I have not used this feature much, so please test it.)
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