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    Disabling Hardware

    This is a question about the effect of disabling a piece of hardware in WME:

    I have an IEEE 1394 Firewire card, a Pinnacle DV200. It has its own software and also uses Adobe Premiere 6.0. I want to move these programs to my E drive, alarge partition of my hard drive I always intended to use for video, web and such like operations. The instructions from Pinnacle say that Adobe shouldbe installed first, then the card put in, then the Pinnacle software. As I did not do the original installation, I don't know if this sequence was followed.

    Here's my question. My plan is to remove Adobe and the Pinnacle software from the C drive, then go to Control Panel - system - Device Manage - select the Pinnacle card and choose Disable. I'd then install Adobe on the E drive, turn the hardware back on and re-install the Pinnacle software. So, will turning off the card be good enough to allow
    Adobe to install itself properly? In other words, will Adobe believe there is no card there until I turn it back on?

    I want to make the change, btw, because first, I keep all my video output and working files on the E drive, and also because things have not been working perfectly, so re-install might help.

    TIA, Michael

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    Re: Disabling Hardware

    If the card is dependent on the Pinnacle Software, then if the software is moved, the card drivers might continue to look for it in its original location. Rather than disabling the device, I would suggest removing it in device manager, after uninstalling Adobe and Pinnacle software. Assuming that a restart will be called for and that plug'n'play detects new hardware, cancel the automatic installation. Reinstall Adobe and then install the card through Add New Hardware, or let plug'n'pray do it, if Adobe demands a restart. This all assumes that you are trying to avoid physically removing the card, which is thorough, but time consuming <img src=/S/yawn.gif border=0 alt=yawn width=15 height=15>
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