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    Parameter with query by form (97 SR2)

    I am using a query by form for users to enter a parameter to generate a report. the form is underpinned by a query which has a field forms![frmSelectTrainingRecord]![ProcedureGrade]. The user is required to input a number from 0 -4. However I wish to have a less than sign in the query so that if a user inputs 4 they get all info of 4 or less. I can't seem to hit on the correct syntax to include in the query with the forms![frmSelectTrainingRecord]![ProcedureGrade] criteria.

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    Re: Parameter with query by form (97 SR2)


    Try putting <= in the criteria grid in front of "Forms!frmSelectTrainingGrade!ProcedureGrade" [no quotes].
    I naturally assume you are basing your report on this query as well.

    Hope this helps.

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