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    Finding out if a macro was called by a key (ALL)

    Is there any way that when a macro is run, I can find out how it was called.
    In particular I want to know if it was called by a Key Press such as SHIFT CTRL P,
    or whether it was by a button.
    I have had a look at Application.Caller, but this returns Error for both Tools-Macro-Macros Run method and Shortcut key press. I assume because it make no distinction between them.

    If it a button it returns String, etc.
    I am guessing the answer is NO unless either there is a hidden property I cannot find out about, or an API routine that I do not know about.
    Anyone got any ideas?

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    Re: Finding out if a macro was called by a key (ALL)

    If a macro is called by clicking a toolbar button, that toolbar button is returned by CommandBars.ActionControl; otherwise CommandBars.ActionControl is Nothing.
    I don't think Excel distinguishes between starting a macro by selecting Tools | Macro | Macros and by pressing a keyboard shortcut.

    You could create a macro A that sets some kind of flag, then calls another macro B.
    Assign the keyboard shortcut to A instead of to B.
    This way, the flag would signal whether B was called directly or (via A) by the keyboard shortcut.

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    Re: Finding out if a macro was called by a key (ALL)

    You could detect whether the shift key is depressed or not. See a simple routine at this page: Look for the routien called "ShiftPressed" (note that it needs the API declaration immediately above it in the same example)
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