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    Uploading problem

    I have a website hosted on free space at BT Yahoo Geocities. It has been OK for two years. Last week I modified the site and successfully uploaded the new pages (first time). Yesterday I made a further minor change but during uploading the process crashed and i had to us Alt/Cont/Del to get out. Now when I try to upload I get a 'wrong password/username' message. I have tried other uploaders but same result. Contacting intelligent life forms at Geocities is almost impossible so I wondered if anyone on this forum could throw some light on the subject. Oh yes, I also tried changing my password - successfully - but even with the new password i still get the same error message. I have now changed my password back to the original.
    A further issue is that at the end of the process my MS Outlook is now only collecting from one of my email addresses - and this is a big issue too. (apologies for putting MSO stuff here but the two ussues are/were related)

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    Re: Uploading problem

    Outlook uses a protected section of the registry to store logins, and sometimes this can become corrupted. The first workaround is to delete and recreate the malfunctioning account (e.g., Tools > Email accounts). The second workaround is to create a new profile and set up your accounts in that profile and attach your old data file. If that works, then you can switch to the new profile permanently. You can find more help on the Outlook board.

    With respect to uploading, what program do you use? If you are using HTTP uploading through a form on the Geocities web site, then try clearing your browser cache (for IE, Temporary Internet Files) and remove cookies associated with Geocities and if you use your Yahoo! login, Yahoo. If you allow your browser to save passwords, try clearing the password for Geocities.

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