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    Changing the Control Source of a Form (2007)

    I have been irritated today by an Access 2007 bug , that I have not seen mentioned here before, although it is documented elsewhere (e.g. Allen Browne ).

    If the source for a form/report is a SQL statement, and you click the Build button beside the RecordSource property, your changes are <font color=red>lost</font color=red> when you return from the query designer (unless you explicitly move the cursor to another property in the properties box.)

    I have had this problem before, but I forget about it. Then when it starts happening next time, I think I must have done something wrong. Hopefully, making this post might help me to remember.

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    Re: Changing the Control Source of a Form (2007)

    Curious! Access 97 had this bug - changes to properties had to be 'confirmed' by clicking in another property before saving the database object, otherwise they would be lost. This problem didn't occur in Access 2000-2003.

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    Re: Changing the Control Source of a Form (2007)

    I have noticed a somewhat similar problem with A2003. I don't think it is a question of not remembering the changes, it is just that the changes (that is, new fields) may not be immediately recognized by Access, so you may not seem them on the field list. I've just gotten into the habit of tabbing to the next property after returning from changing the SQL.
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