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    Macro to append new row of data to existing file (2003)

    One of my coworkers has data that he downloads from PeopleSoft into a temp file on a monthly basis - he said he can make it a csv or txt file.

    He has an existing spreadsheet and he wants this new data appended as a new row in the spreadsheet - and then insert a new blank row below the appended row. We don't need to manipulate the field order. Just insert the new row.

    He'd like this to be something that is run automatically whenever the worksheet is opened so the user doesn't have to do it. The kicker is, he wants the macro to check and see if the data has already been appended for that month and not to add the data again if the it's already there. The date is in mm-yy format and is in column A.

    I have no idea how to do this - but I figured if anyone would know, it would be someone on this board.

    I would appreciate your help with this.

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    Re: Macro to append new row of data to existing file (2003)

    Are the dates in column A stored as dates (formatted mm-yy) or as text?

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    Re: Macro to append new row of data to existing file (2003)

    Could you attach a sample copy of the file to append and what your current XL file looks like (I suggest one sheet with the "before" and one sheet with the "after" so we can see what the macro should do).


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