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    which mode for virus scan

    Hello. What is the difference, advantages, and disadvantages between doing a virus scan in normal mode versus safe mode? Why would you choose to do a virus scan in one of these modes versus the other? Which mode is recommended to do a routine scan in? Thank you.

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    Re: which mode for virus scan

    In safe mode, Windows loads only a minimal set of drivers, so fewer files are "in use" than in normal mode.

    Under "normal" circumstances it should be sufficient to run a virus scan in normal mode. But if the antivirus program tells you that there was an infection that couldn't be removed, this could be because the infected file was in use. In that situation you can restart in safe mode and run the virus scan again; because fewer files are in use the antivirus program has a better chance of removing the infection.

    So, a routine scan can be done in normal mode, you only need to scan in safe mode if there are problems that can't be resolved in normal mode.

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