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    Transfer a VHS tape to a HD

    Is there a way to transfer the contents of a VHS tape to a PC's HD?

    I have a VHS that has an out put.

    Can I use that out put to transfer the contents of a tape to my PC?


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    Re: Transfer a VHS tape to a HD

    Most computers do not include the hardware needed to record video. There are (fairly inexpensive) adapters you can buy that can accept composite cable connections and feed them into software for recording to hard drive. These can either be cards that fit inside your PC and have the connectors on the back, or external devices that attach via a USB port.

    I got a USB dongle for my laptop, which included software to tune analog cable and record from a variety of video sources (live or scheduled): KWorld PVR-TV 300U. The software can be clunky to use, and the device's compatibility with Windows Movie Maker has been hit or miss. Not having compared, I wouldn't want to recommend this one in particular. Anyway, I'm sure there are much better products out now. <img src=/S/smile.gif border=0 alt=smile width=15 height=15>

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    Re: Transfer a VHS tape to a HD

    Pauliez hello,
    I don't know about "free" but, I have made copies of super 8 vhs tapes from my sony handycam. This is one of two ways that i have done this. Feed camera output to my panasonic dvd/player /recorder and "burn " a DVD- RAM disc. Then i load the disk into my "PC" through my optical cd/dvd rw drive. Then you can use "windows movie maker" and "windows dvd maker" to do what ever you want with the "raw" vhs movies, edit, etc. The second way is that i have a "video capture card" installed in my "PC" then i feed the vhs signal directly into the "PC". then do the same deal with the windows programs. If you don't have one (video capture card) there available pretty much every-where. (on line, Big box stores) Hope this is of some help .Regards Plain Fred

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