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    Font Names Disappeard


    I have a Pentium III 800 MHz with 256 MB of RAM, running Windows 98 SE. This is a minor problem, but annoying none the less. Every once in a while, usually (I think) after installing some software, my Fonts folder in Windows will become a "regular" folder. The descriptive names of the fonts are gone; all I have is the 8 letter DOS file names for the fonts. The fonts appear normally in Word, etc. and they are all fully functional in every other sense.

    It's just that if I wish to delete a font, I have to open any font file that I think may be it, so that I can determine if that is the font I want to get rid of. Some fonts like Arial are easy to figure out, but Bitstream fonts usually have a cryptic file name like tt___234, making it a real pain to check each font for the one I'm looking for.

    Reinstalling Windows has no effect. They only way I've been able to make the Fonts folder resume it's normal setting is when I do a semi-annual "clean" install, where I wipe out everything and reinstall to a freshly formatted disc. Is there a less drastic way to make the Fonts folder go back to its normal display parameters?


    John DeA

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    Re: Font Names Disappeard

    Try deleting "c:windowsttfcache" and restarting.

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