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    All borders vanished (2007)

    I have a user running Word 2007. She removed the borders from a table in one document, saved the document. Now she claims (I haven't seen this first hand, but I trust her) that every other document she opens has the borders missing from tables that had and needed borders. I don't know of any command in Word 2007 that would modify all of the files, nor a way to restore them...

    What could have caused this and any suggestions for fixing it?

    If she or I open a document, is there a way to select all tables in a document and apply the a borders condition to them??

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    Re: All borders vanished (2007)

    Could it be that a table style was modified? I don't pay much attention to table styles in Word 2003, so I haven't noticed whether direct formatting applied to table styles might redefine them in the document and in the Normal template.

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    Re: All borders vanished (2007)

    Make sure that she really means borders. Perhaps she meant table gridlines (which are only a visual help on screen; they aren't printed).
    To display gridlines:
    - Click in any table.
    - Select the Layout tab on the Ribbon.
    - In the Table group, click Show Gridlines.

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