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    Standalone R/W Eraser

    Thus far I've managed to do what I want with the Nero Essentials that came with my current computer (Samsung DRW-S203NB Lightscribe S-ATA 20X DVD+-RW drive OEM). Now I'd like to be able to erase and rerecord R/W CD and DVD media. At present I'd like to be able to burn a downloaded mp3 'podcast' file and play it with my DVD player. Once I'm done, I won't want to archive the disk. It would be ecologically sound to reuse one disk many times until it is worn out.

    Apparently Nero wants $50 to upgrade to a version that will erase (and do who knows what else.) For the same price I see Ashampoo 8.xx which others have praised in this forum.

    Does anyone know of cheaper shareware/freeware that is 'safe' (no spyware, etc) that is a standalone eraser?

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    Re: Standalone R/W Eraser

    1. Have you tried to right-click on the Disc in Windows Explorer and see if "Erase" is an option?

    2. Are you wanting to "erase" the entire RW disc? or specific individual files on the disc?
    - IF you are wanting to do #1, entire disc, you should be able to do that with Nero or even Windows' native burning program (XP or Vista).
    - IF you are wanting to do #2, individual files, you must FIRST format the disc with a packet writing program, e.g., Nero InCD. This then will not only allow you to delete individual files, but also to rename and update them (overwrite). And, you then don't have to "burn" data to the disc. You simply drag & drop whatever you want to add/remove.
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