I've mentioned Kim Henkel's file manager in other posts. I think it deserves a separate mention. I find it a remarkable tool that I use at least once a day to find a file or text in a file. I'm still learning just how powerful it is. It was indispensable when I was running a machine with several hard drives. With it one can log multiple drives and then open a 'global display' sorted by date, size, filename, etc. It is trivial to limit the file spec any extension. One can log a disk at the root level and then drill down from level to level until a desired branch is encountered, e.g., "My Documents" and then <Alt-Log> the branch without logging the entire disk. In a global display a single keystroke tags all the files for tasks like searching, moving, deletion, etc. It comes with viewers for many file types. I often use it to determine the copyright information for an executable file. That is usually near the start or end. It is straightforward to end up with a short list of files containing a given string. That list can be printed to a text file at the root which can then be opened in Word and printed. This is just a partial list of common tasks I frequently run.

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to download it. A new upgrade has just become available.

New users can obtain a 30 day trial copy. A license currently costs $19.95 and it is worth every penny.