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    I started to make the subject uppercase but it wouldn't be polite to yell, even for this topic. I write as an "ordinary" citizen, not necessarily a Lounge moderator, but I hope my fellow Mods and WMVPs all agree with my sentiments. I also hope that this message doesn't sound like I'm "talking down" to the experience level of many of you, because I don't mean to do that either.

    What worries me more and more every day is the lengths the internet dirt bags will go to in order to entice innocent browsers into spam and/or virus country! In my daily travels around my local scene, I always warn my friends and neighbors to be very, very careful of what you click on, what you do with emails we all get inundated with and what seemingly innocent web pages can do to you, on the sneak.

    I think most of us are already familiar with the long-ago popular "I Love You" types of emails, and more recently "enhancement" products, jewelry, prescription drugs, alleged celebrity videos and so on. But one of the apparent more recent scams for either virus passing or plain old spam is what appears to be phony SOFTWARE offers. Every day I shudder at the thought of how many innocent people are being stung by "offers" such as you see in this attachment. This is just two that flood my MailWasher Pro screen, constantly, every day. I've also received recently offers for Open Office, Microsoft Office and many others, all of which (thankfully!) MailWasher catches for me.

    As the old roll call sergeant on Hill Street Blues used to say: Please Be Careful Out There!

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    Re: Danger...Warning

    What a coincidence. Today in my email, Mail Washer Pro also caught one that was supposedly sent by the Office of Foreign Assets Lodgings of the U.S. Department of the Treasury. I was informed that I had received $85 million dollars from the United Nations (UN) Association of London, United Kingdom Liaison Office. Your beneficiary Funds that was deposited in our Pecuniary vault the foreign assets lodgings is what it said.

    It went on and on trying to look official, but it was typed in all caps and full of misspellings. All I had to do to receive this money was supply, by telephone, my full name; Residence Address/ Bank Address;Current Occupation; Contact telephone numbers; any form of prove (their wording, not mine);of identification and my current age. Now what does my age and occupation have to with receiving my inheritance?
    It also supplied a phone number to contact a Mr. Michael Cena at his office.

    Instead I contacted the Internet Crime Complaint Center of the U.S. Dept. of the Treasury and filed a complaint. I told them that if they needed a copy of the email, I would gladly send it if they would supply me with an address.

    Greed could have made some people do as the mail suggested, but I wasn't born yesterday, and the email screamed loud and clear that this is a fraud. Now don't get me wrong, I sure could use $85 million. Mail Washer Pro had done it's job once again.

    Thanks for the warning.

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