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    IE 7 aborts (7.0.5730.11)

    Background: I'm running XP on a new computer (it's actually Vista Ultimate downgraded to XP if that matters, but I had the same problem on my old XP machine) and IE 7. I'm current on all patches.

    Problem: Several times a week IE aborts. It doesn't freeze or terminate with an error, it just disappears, poof. There's nothing in the Event Viewer. The Internet Explorer event log has no entries. Dr. Watson doesn't start up when it happens. Nothing.

    The problem happens when opening a new tab. It doesn't matter how I opened the tab. It might have been clicking on a link in IE, in an email message, or just clicking the new tab "button."

    I've tried every solution in the IE troubleshooting guide:
    I've tried manually disabling off all add-ins, running iexplore.exe –extoff, resetting all options (Tools/Internet Options/Advanced/Reset), clearing history, scanning for malware, defragmenting, emptying the temp folder and recycle bin, deleting cookies, and uninstalling IE and reinstalling it.

    I used Laplink to migrate to the new PC, but I subsequently reinstalled IE.

    Any other ideas?


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    Re: IE 7 aborts (7.0.5730.11)

    Have you tried to revert back to IE6?
    Unistall from addremove should offer to let you go back to V6.

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