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    Flash 10 Released

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    Flash 10 Released and Flash Player 9 updated

    As <!post=mentioned earlier,738549>mentioned earlier<!/post>, there were security vulnerabilities (among them ‘Clickjacking’) in Flash Player 9 ( and earlier), and at the time (October 15) the best solution was to upgrade to Flash Player 10 (as Tony linked to above) or to use a workaround. Adobe said they will come back in early November with a patched version of Flash Player 9.

    For those who cannot update to Flash Player 10, Adobe now has a patched version of Flash Player 9 ( Security bulletin: Adobe - Security Advisories: APSB08-20 - Flash Player update available to address security vulnerabilities

    <big>"No action is required by customers who have already updated to Flash Player"</big>

    You can confirm your version of Adobe Flash Player here.

    While on the topic.
    Most users probably either:
    -uninstall their earlier Flash Player via "Add or Remove Programs" in Control Panel, or
    -simply install the new version above the old.

    I would recommend looking at the "Flash Player uninstaller" that can be downloaded. I have been using that method for years without a problem, and always download the latest uninstaller at the same time as I download the Firefox plug-in.

    See here for troubleshooting advices:
    Troubleshoot Adobe Flash Player installation for Windows
    And here a direct link to the download page for the uninstaller:
    How to uninstall the Adobe Flash Player plug-in and ActiveX control

    Running the uninstaller takes just a second and it removes all installed Flash Player plug-in and ActiveX controls.

    This has one extra advantage, apart from the obvious just using one uninstaller; if you are using a Windows XP version you perhaps know it is redistributed with Macromedia Flash Player from Adobe for Internet Explorer (XP SP2-SP3 or Pro x64 Edition). Earlier it was ver. 6.0.79, then with MS06-020 it got to ver. 6.0.84, and with MS06-069 it installs ver. and removes earlier. This applies to XP Service Pack 3 as well. As I understand it this version is not vulnerable. But, with the use of the aforementioned uninstaller you uninstall all Flash player plug-ins, this eliminates perhaps conflicting results when using some scan tools to check the PC for vulnerabilities (since it seems like using such tools is popular). One can then add the latest Adobe Flash Player one like for Fx, IE or both.

    However, I don't know if it is possible that some organisations depend on the presence of the MSFT distributed version of Macromedia Flash Player from Adobe, and if reinstalling MS06-069 will put it back, I don't use that update.

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