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    How do you put text fields in an Excel form (Excel 2007)

    I have a formlike template that I created in Excel because I couldn't get it to calculate properly in Word. I am not proficient in Excel at all, so on this Excel form, I have a few places where I would like to insert text box controls for the users to input data. When I go up to the Developer tab and click on Insert, the controls for text field, combo box and combo dropdown are all grayed out, so how can I put text fields into this template? And if it's possible to add these text field controls, when you protect the sheet, do the text fields act the same as a Word text fields do?

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    Re: How do you put text fields in an Excel form (Excel 2007)

    I'd avoid text boxes unless you really need them.
    You can let the users enter text in a cell. You can change the row height and column width of a cell, and you can specify that text will wrap in a cell (in the Alignment tab of Format | Cells...). To enter a line break within a cell, the user can press Alt+Enter.

    If you want to protect parts of a worksheet, this is a two-step process. See for example Protect Data in Excel - Lock Cells in Excel 2007 and Protect Data in Excel - Protect Worksheets in Excel 2007.

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