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    This Could Be Bad... (Access 2000)

    I just need to verify something...If I create an access database and then disable the main controls/menus and the database window then there is no way to reactivate them if I want to change something later, correct?

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    Re: This Could Be Bad... (Access 2000)

    If you've disabled the shift key on startup, then it's going to be a pain (if you haven't disabled the shift key, then just open the database with the shift key held down). I assume from the subject that this has happened already. Have you tried importing everything into a new database?

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    Re: This Could Be Bad... (Access 2000)

    You have to plan ahead. I usually put a "back door" on my main switchboard, a transparent button in an obscure location, that unhides the database window. From there, you can get to either the startup menu under Tools or to the code that limits the available menus, etc.

    Another technique is to use a command line argument and test for it in the startup code in the application. If the value is false or wrong or no argument is passed, the code hides all those tools to keep the users out. If the argument is passed as expected, it doesn't and the developer can get at all the necessary moving parts.

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