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    Allow Design Changes (2007 2003)

    Access 2007 no longer has an "Allow Design changes" property for forms.

    In 2003 I always set this to "Design View Only".

    I find that if I create a form in 2007, then open it in 2003, the AllowDesignChanges property is set to All Views.

    However, 2007 does have another property "Allow Layout View", which applies to both forms and reports. Layout View is a view where you can see real data, and make design changes at the same time.

    It seems that if you disable Allow Layout View of a form in 2007, the "AllowDesignChanges" property is set to "Design View Only" when you view the form in 2003.

    2007 allows Allow Layout View to be disabled for the whole database Office button...Access Options..Current Database.

    This works in 2007, but if you then open the database in 2003, individual forms will still have the AllowDesignChanges property is set to All Views.

    So it seems to me that if you build in 2007 for users with 2003 (or earlier) you need to disallow Layout View, for each form.

    Has anyone else any experiences with this issue?

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    Re: Allow Design Changes (2007 2003)

    In general, I think that you should develop in the oldest version that you want to support. Developing in a newer version than the one your users have can lead to all kinds of problems - missing references, features that aren't available in the older version or are converted differently...

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