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    Questions dbase (2003)

    Hi. Someone completes a questionnaire, responding to questions of relevance, enjoyment, etc. with numbers 1 through 6 (representing V.Good through to Poor). With all completed questionnaires, how can I count up how many 1s, 2s, etc., there were for each topic (relevance, etc.)? This would then enable me to create a graph. Andy
    (This has been raised before, I believe, but I'm struggling to track down the answer.)

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    Re: Questions dbase (2003)

    If the questionnaire has been set up correctly, with a separate record for each response, it's a simple matter of creating a crosstab query.

    If the questions are separate fields, it'll be a lot of work. You could create a crosstab query for each question, then create a union query to combine the crosstab queries.

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