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    Alignment of decimals (Office XP/Windows XP)

    Hi gang,
    I do translation from English to French. I have lots of tables where I need to align the numbers with the decimal. The formatting of decimals in French is different than English i.e.:
    $1,200.00 (English)
    1 200,00 $ (French)
    I have no problem aligning the decimals in my tables on my computer. Windows and Office are in French.
    My client has Windows and Office in English. The alignment does not work when he opens the document on his computer.
    If I remember well, the regional settings in Windows control how decimals are aligned.
    Besides telling my client to change his regional settings every time he wants to print the French version of the document would there be any other way I could "freeze" the alignment in my tables to make sure nothing changes when the document is opened on an English system.
    I was thinking maybe something in the AutoOpen where I could tell Word this is French and then put everything back to English in the AutoClose.
    Any suggestion is welcome.
    Johanne Champagne
    Montreal (Quebec) CANADA

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    Re: Alignment of decimals (Office XP/Windows XP)

    I think your client will have to switch the regional settings in Windows. Unlike Excel, Word doesn't adjust decimal separators in text automatically.

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