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    Uploading camera images (Word 2000+)

    Over 4,688 images ago members of Woody's Lounge offered me sound advice on purchasing my first digital camera. That camera (Canon) came with special software to upload images.
    This year I bought a new GE camera, drier than the one that went into the creek with me, and horror! shock! outrage! it came with NO image software.
    So I wrote my own.(attached)
    My software is without bells and whistles, but it runs about ten times faster than Canon.
    It might be useful as an image uploader; I've purposely avoided snazzy stuff such as GUI forms, browse buttons etc.
    It might be a useful place for coders to poke around and see how it works.

    Anyway, enjoy. I'm off canoing today with my new GE camera.
    Thanks Loungers!
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