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    Windows Installer (Vista Home Premium/SP-1)

    For no apparent reason, Windows Installer dialogue runs each time I boot/restart by HP HDX laptop. It appears the installer is related to HP Wireless Assistant and Bluetooth/WP Lan components as I get a dialogue "preparing to install bluetootch software" and mentions for the WP Lan and Wireless Assistant. I've stopped the Bluetooth service with no apparent effect. Needless to say this has the effect of slowing down the boot process and I can't seem to find any means to stop this rogue Windows Installer function. Any help would be appreciated (I've run several virus scan it the computer seems to be clean....)

    I subsequently found the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility and ran it (deleting the reference to bluetooth)...this seems to stop the installer popup on boot (there still is a HP Wireless Assistant window), but my sidebar no longer works.....any ideas on how to boot the laptop without the Windows Installer window popup and still have the sidebar? Really do not see how they are related!!!

    O.k., I went to the Control Panel and restarted the sidebar from there and that seems to work now. I am currently in a Beirut suburbs and have no bluetooth access so closing this service down is no problem, but I expect to move to Dubai in the next month where I probably could use Bluetooth access...question? have I lost the bluetooth function until I restart the service and, once restarted, is it likely the Windows Installer will start up again on a boot?

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    Re: Windows Installer (Vista Home Premium/SP-1)

    Your problem (repeated attempt to complete Windows Installer routine) was caused by User Account Control (UAC), the elevated user protection in Windows Vista. To be exact, your user account permissions do not allow Windows Installer to make changes in windows registry, which triggers installation process once again on reboot.

    To avoid such problem, run installation program (say, Setup.exe for bluetootch software) with full Administrator rights: right-click Setup.exe icon and from pop-up menu select "Run as Administrator" option and then confirm your choice.

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