We have our equipment (Meeting Rooms, Cameras, Event Material) setup in Outlook as Resources, but we have an ongoing problem whereby people aren't leaving enough time to return a piece of equipment after using it.
Eg, Joe Bloggs hires out a Laptop or Camera for an Event that runs from Noon to 4:00 pm. The event may finish at 4:00 pm, but he might not be back in the office until tomorrow morning. If someone else needed that piece of equipment first thing the following morning, then they may not get it because Joe hasn't arrived back in time. Obvioulsy, the answer is to educate people and to remind them that if they're not back until later than an event's finishing time (or even until the next day), then they should book the equipment out for an extra hour or two, or even for the whole evening and next morning. But people being people, someone always forgets, and we end up with people running around at the last minute wondering why X piece of equipment isn't available when they had it booked out.

Ideally, what we would like is some sort of prompt (Dialog Box) that comes up to advise people that their booking is adjacent to another so they can make sure they've added extra hours for travel, etc.

Does anyone know of an Add-in that does this? I've searched the web for Outlook Add-ins, but I haven't located anything like this and thought that maybe someone knew of a way to implement this or of an Add-in they've heard of.

Thanks in advance for any guidance or advice.