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    I purchased an HP laptop in the US recently and it came with HP Quickplay installed. I tried playing a DVD that I acquired from Europe today and I received the attached message. Will I have to change teh regional code again when I put a DVD acquired from the US? What will happen if I change the region code more than 4 times? Does it just stay stuck on the region that I last had configured, thus preventing me from accessing software or CDs acquired from other regions?


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    Re: Quickplay

    The setting sticks until you have to change it again, which will be each time you want to play* a DVD set for a different region than the one your player is currently set to. When you have changed the region 5 times, you won't be able to change it any more, in other words, you're stuck with the then current setting.
    There are many region-free DVDs by the way. And although it beyond the scope of Woody's Lounge to tell you how to get around the region limit, you might search Google...

    * This is only for movie DVDs as far as I know, not for DVDs containing software.

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