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    Drawing objects 'flash' in standard view (2003 SP1)

    Hi All,

    Often when I am viewing a PPT file in the "standard" view (the view you use when creatiing and editing slide shows), if the slide has many drawing objects (for example, 5 block arrows, 10 text boxes with small amount of text each, and 10 images pasted from an imaging program), the view will rewrite/refresh/redraw, over and over again, so the overall effect is the slide is "flashing". It usually stops if I wait a few seconds (how many seconds depends on how many objects are in the slide). Sometimes, it doesn't seem to ever stop. If I have Excel opened at the same time (I have two monitors), Excel seems to "participate" by flashing a little bit also.

    It tends to happen more with slide shows that already exist, and I am merely opening it to look at it. If I am editing a slide show, it usually settles down.

    It is very annoying and I have never been able to find a way to stop it from happening other than waiting (changing to repsentation mode stops it, but that is not very elegant solution). Any ideas? Thanks!


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    Re: Drawing objects 'flash' in standard view (2003 SP1)

    Make sure that you have the latest drivers for your video card.

    If you do, you could try reducing hardware acceleration; if is doesn't help you can restore the original setting. See How to set graphics hardware acceleration back for details.

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