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    Cannot print from Excel (Excel 2003 SP3)

    This is very odd.

    I can print from all other MS Office 2003 applications to an Epson Photo 950 printer.

    When I print from Excel (using file . . . print . . . etc, or the print icon), the normal popup (showing ink levels) that the printer shows when it receives a print job appears, then nothing happens. There is nothing in the print queue. Its as if a null print job is being sent.

    I've checked the print and printer settings, seen the page in Print Preview OK, even cut and pasted the page (which is not protected) into Word and printed it.

    This behaviour is the case for all Excel worksheets on this PC. I can print from Excel on another PC to this same printer.

    Grateful for any clues please, thanks.

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    Re: Cannot print from Excel (Excel 2003 SP3)

    See if Jan Karel Pieterse's <!post=Systematic Approach to Behavioral Problems in XL,290455>Systematic Approach to Behavioral Problems in XL<!/post> helps.

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