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    Transfer data into specific Columns (VBA.MS.excel 2000)

    hi all,
    i really need some helps and guidance on this matter if anyone have some ideas.

    i will to import a deliminated text files into a worksheet at excel. The data from the txt files
    will be in the layout base on the following tables:
    currency_code 4 char,
    currency_year_month DATE,
    currency_exchange_rate FLOAT.

    thus, sample data frm text file would be :

    Once i imported the text files into the worksheet at excel, i need the data to be placing
    into the respective columns eg:

    <pre>currency mth year exchange rate mth year exchange rate ......
    USD JAN-2001 1.83 FEB-2001 1.79
    USD JAN-2002 1.80 FEB-2002 1.80
    USD JAN-2003 1.79 FEB-2003 1.79

    I have attached a sample excel worksheet which i need the data to be place. how can i do this tasks
    izit there is functions in excel or VBA can perform this....
    thanks in alots.

    **edited by Rory:
    This is cross-posted in Excel <A target="_blank" HREF= =expanded&sb=5&o=0&fpart=>here</A> so I've copied the attachment and locked this thread. Please post any responses in Excel.
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