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    Correct grammer layout Capitals or no capitals

    Please excuse my ignorance.

    When using bullet point layout SHOULD you capitalise each major word or just the first word as you would in a letter. Also should you put full stops at the end of each line.

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    Re: Correct grammer layout Capitals or no capitals


    Don't capitalize the major words in a bullet point (unless they are proper names, part of a title, etc.).

    Whether you capitalize the first word in a bullet point is a matter of style. But be consistent. I often capitalize first level bullets but not lower level ones.

    As for a period at the end, definitely don't use one if you don't capitalize the first word, optional if you do. I don't use one.

    The other stylistic issue is whether to use full sentences and how concise to be in your wording. Here are three examples of the same point:

    * The CEO of XYZ Inc. has issued warnings about first quarter earnings.

    * XYZ CEO warns about Q1 earnings

    * XYZ -- Q1 warning

    For most purposes, bullets should be concise (like example 2), with no extraneous words, but not too cryptic. But it depends on whether the document/presentation needs to make sense to someone reading it. For a presentation where you're explaining something, you may only want a few key words on the screen (like example 3).

    I hope this helps.


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    Re: Correct grammer layout Capitals or no capitals

    From a grammatical viewpoint, only the first word should be capitalized and there should be a period at the end of each sentence.

    The problem is that, often, what is grammatically correct doesn't necessarily display well, hence the use of capitalization within the sentence or phrase. (Most often, bullet points are not sentences, but phrases, usually edited down to be as brief as possible. Since they are not true sentences, the need for strict grammar diminishes).

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