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    How to compact a workbook (Excel2003)

    I have a very small workbook with only 4 rows used on 5 worksheets. There is no code or anything special behind it.
    I created it to post on the lounge with a question. However, the workbook is 1.5 MB in size.
    Is there a simple way to compact it?

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    Re: How to compact a workbook (Excel2003)

    Although it won't compact the workbook, you might see if a zip file with the workbook is small enough to post.

    To compact the workbook, you might save it as a HTML file, thenopen the HTML file and save it as a workbook again.
    You'll find more tips in Rudi's star post <!post='Exploding' file size (All),689412>'Exploding' file size (All)<!/post>.

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