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    locking a record with a tick box in it (access 200

    Wondering if someone might know the answer.

    In my database each record has a tick box as one field. The form over-lying the table uses this tick box to populate two fields automatically, one is the time and the other the user. How the database is being used is that half the information in each record is entered at the beginning, and then once the rest of the information in the record has been colated the record can then be locked.

    What i want to be able to do is lock the record once the tick box has been ticked. The only option i can find locks the tick box permanently which is not what i want as i have to be able to tick it the once. I am guessing there is a way?

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    Re: locking a record with a tick box in it (access 200

    In the Current event of your form you want code like;

    Me,chkLock.Enabled = Not Me.LockedYN

    When you move to a record it checks the underlying field's value (LockedYN) (which has a True/False value) and sets the enabled property of the checkbox (named here chkLock) appropriately. If it is not checked your checkbox will be enabled - once it is ticked your checkbox will be locked.

    You may need to do the Locked property of the checkbox as well - I cannot test this at the moment.
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    Re: locking a record with a tick box in it (access 200

    Another possibility is to set the AllowEdits property of the form:

    Private Sub Form_Current()
    Me.AllowEdits = Not Me.CheckBoxName
    End Sub

    where CheckBoxName is the name of your check box.

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