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    continuous form - conditional formating (2000)

    I have an option group with two option buttons in it. I would like to have the two option buttons become invisible (or the entire group) when a check box is unchecked on a record by record basis. I would also like it to be visible when the check box is checked. Conditional formating doesn't seem to be working. The form is in the continuous form view.

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    Re: continuous form - conditional formating (2000)

    You have a problem here.

    You can't use conditional formatting to hide a control, moreover it doesn't work for option groups or option buttons, only for text boxes and combo boxes.
    VBA code won't do what you want either, for hiding the option group using code will affect ALL records in a continuous form, there is no way to do so for specific records only.

    If you want to continue using a continuous form, the best you can do (I think) is to replace the option group with a combo box, and to use conditional formatting to disable this combo box when the check box is clear and to enable it when the check box is ticked. This will work on a record-by-record basis.

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