I guess hardware is the place to float this question?
I'm looking at getting one of those mini video players. It seems you can get one with a 3" screen and 8gig minimum storage for less that AUD$100. NO, I don't want an all-in-one phone type set up (a mate let me one to try...back to the bricks type mobile phones!) The player would mainly be used to watch shows taped on our HDD recorder for watching later.
*How easy is it convert formats (eg, HDD recordings to MP4 or AVI etc). I'd probably have to dump the HDD to DVDRW, but can I then convert the DVD disc to the player format? There's plenty of software out there...but I'm still not sure how it would operate.
*I'm guessing 8 gig should cover 2hrs worth of high-quality recording from the HDD given that I normally dump the HDD to a 4.7gig DVD re-writable disc - am I right?
*Any other tricks/tips from those who may have such a toy?

Thanks yet again

Willow - Oz.