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    Lotus Conversion (Excel 2000)

    Hope someone out there can help with these macro conversions. In lotus they read:

    I {addrecord}

    addrecord /RUworkrange~{BLANK workrange}
    /M{RIGHT @COLS(db)-1}{DOWN @ROWS(db)-1}~{DOWN}~
    {GETLABEL "Do you want to add more records? (Y/N): ",addmore}
    {IF @LEFT(addmore,1)="Y"}{BRANCH addrecord}

    addmore N

    A /DSDK2~D.{END}{D}{R 9}~PK2~A~SO2~A~G

    S /FS~R

    W /AA{R 4}~~i~Q

    P {SET "PRINT-RANGE";J2..Q62}
    {PRINT ;1;9999;1;1}

    E {GOTO}V2~{GETLABEL "Enter Member Name (last, first): ",V2}{BEEP}
    {GOTO}K1~/DQRI.{END}{D}{R 9}~CV1..V2~OX1
    /AA{R 4}~~i~Q
    :PRCRS.{END}{D}{R 9}~G

    Each letter is a different command.

    Thanks ahead of time.

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    Re: Lotus Conversion (Excel 2000)

    As I'm not a 1-2-3 Macro expert, could you tell me what each macro is supposed to do?

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    Re: Lotus Conversion (Excel 2000)

    the control I, brings up the folowing and allows user to enter a date, Name, Type, and amount. When you hit enter after filling in the information, it asks if you want to enter another name, if yes you start from the begining, if no it does some kind of sort.
    Date 08/27/01
    Name First Name, Last name
    Amount 14,986.30

    Control S does a save of the file and replaces the file with the current additions.

    I am assuming the print does a print of a certain range, which is not a problem.

    The other commands I do not have a clue what they are supposed to do.

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    Re: Lotus Conversion (Excel 2000)

    The add record does the following
    Unprotect the range called Workrange to allow input
    Set up an input range called workarea
    Protect the range workrange
    Go to the range DB down 1 row
    Move a block of cells - I'm not sure on this bit! - down 1 row
    Transpose the range workrange - (swap rows and columns)
    Make a beep
    Ask to add more
    if not sort data range from k2 down to the bottom and right 9 columns, ascending using k2 as the primary key
    Save the file replacing existing

    Not sure of the W

    Then print the cells j2 to q62

    Go to V2 and enter the member name and beep
    Goto k1 select teh data query range input range down to the bottom and right 9 columns, with v1 and v2 the criteria - member name and out put the result to x1 - ag1 - like a lookup get the data that relates to that member and extract it to somewhere else.

    The /AA has me a bit confused, so am not sure what the next bits are.

    Hope this helps

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