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    Hyperlinks Relative Paths (MS Word 2003)

    I am trying to create document which I can burn onto a CD along with a set of files, and this document contains a list of files on the CD with a hyperlink for each one. This document list then opens as an HTML file using automatically using Autorun when the user loads the CD. I created this html page (or an mhtm to be more precise) using MS Word 2003. I used relative paths for each hyperlink because I wanted the links to work when I copied the files to the CD. All I wanted to do was put in a relative link to "docsmydoc.doc", for example.

    I noticed that when I saved the html page in Word, it converted the hyperlinks to absolute paths, which is rubbish when I want to copy the files elsewhere i.e. onto the CD. I looked on the web and found many people with a similar problem and followed the instructions (also on the MS website) to uncheck the checkbox in Web Options from the Tools>Options>General>Web OPtions>Files> so that the paths remain relative and aren't automatically converted. I also read about changing the "Hyperlink Base" field in the File>Properties dialog but I don't want to put in a base because the path should be relative and contain no "prefix". The web options setting did indeed prevent the hyperlink from converting to absolute path upon saving and I left the hyperlink base setting blank (I don't want one!).

    The net result of this was that I opened the html file in MS IE7 the file is was looking for when I clicked on a hyperlink was something like "file:c:9E777EFdocsmydoc.doc" which of course doesn't exist and I have no idea where MS IE got that path from.

    Nothing else seems to work and I had to forget MS Word in the end and resort to just creating an HTML page manually in an HTML editor, which rather missed the point.

    Any ideas on what I could try?


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    Re: Hyperlinks Relative Paths (MS Word 2003)

    I think this is a problem with .mht files; if you save as a .htm file, Word stores hyperlinks with relative paths.

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