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    Add-in installation (Excel2003)

    I am writing my first Excel application. I have created an Excel spreadsheet with plenty of validation on it. I now want to include a little bit of code to help save the spreadsheets as text files, with a toolbar on it. I have been reading books/websites about Excel Add-ins and I think it is the way to go to put the code and the toolbar behind the add-in. What I am finding hard to understand is how best to distribute the add-in and install it. This Excel application will be downloadable from the web - so I don't know where people are going to install it etc.. Is there a fairly easy to follow method of installing the add-in and spreadsheet? I imagine it will be updated from time to time (as validation rules change etc..), so the add-in will need to be replaced each time it is downloaded.

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    Re: Add-in installation (Excel2003)

    You will probably find Jan Karel Pieterse's series of articles Create Addins useful, as well as Update An Addin and Addin Installation.

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