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    Conert Visio Org Chart to Word Document (2003 (11.8207.8202))

    I have developed a Visio org charts w/ the use of an employee Access database. Only 3 of us here have access to Visio so when we create an org chart we convert to a PDF file to share w/ others. I have received a request to convert my Visio org chart to Word so that our HR manager can manipulate the chart. Can I convert a Visio org chart to Word document that can be manipulated by someone else?

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    Re: Conert Visio Org Chart to Word Document (2003 (11.8207.8202))

    Some people just can't help themselves...

    Yes you can do as you were asked but it won't work well. You can copy/paste special (as picture) from Visio to Word and your HR manager can play as much as they like. The graphic will be 'editable' but a complete nightmare as it won't behave as expected.

    The more palatable alternatives are:
    1. Teach the HR Manager how to use Visio and give them access to a Visio machine - perhaps by Remote Desktop or just purchase another licence
    2. Get the HR Manager to modify the HR database and automate the org chart refresh process so a user can rebuild the charts from the database. I would think that this could be done by automating Visio or possibly by avoiding Visio completely and using functionality either native to Access or via an addin.
    3. Re-create the Org Chart in Powerpoint (or Word if you must) and give that to the HR Manager. This method won't use the database and is a massive step backwards but does give the HR Manager what they asked for.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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