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    get fields to update on save (Word 2003, XP Pro SP 3)

    I would like my form to auto-update two fields: DocProperty | LastSaved and DocProperty | LastSavedTime. i understand there's an 'update on print' option but i don't want to rely on this as the form is expected to be sent electronically. i'd also like to NOT have any macros.


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    Re: get fields to update on save (Word 2003, XP Pro SP 3)

    The SAVEDATE field is equivalent to DOCPROPERTY LastSavedTime, but SAVEDATE will be updated automatically.
    The LASTSAVEDBY field is equivalent to DOCPROPERTY LastSavedBy but neither is updated automatically; the only ways to make them update are
    a) selecting the field and pressing F9.
    right-clicking the field and selecting Update Field from the popup menu.
    c) printing the document (IF the user has set fields to be updated on print).
    d) running a macro.
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