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    Removing old XP links & Windows Explorer Favorites

    1. When I moved from XP to Vista, I upgraded my existing XP system. After the upgrade i was left with a bunch of dead links/shortcuts (access denied) - links to old XP directories like all the "My"s, Local Settings, PrintHood, NetHood, Recent, Documents and Settings, etc. With Admin privs, it appears that I change the privs, err permissions, on each of them individually and delete them. Two questions - (a) Am I going to encounter any problems in the future doing this? and ( is there a more efficient way to rid my systme of them?

    2. Recently Changed - Often when I'm using the Windows Explorer window in the Favorite Links pane, a shortcut to "Recently Changed" appears instead of "Recent Places." Personally, I find the Recently Changed shortcut utterly useless. The last time I clicked on this link, it showed me 1,617 entries. It appears to be a standard search since its properties show its location as "C:Users<user>SearchesRecently". How can I get rid of it this?

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    Re: Removing old XP links & Windows Explorer Favorites

    1.) Those old XP named shortcuts remain on your system for applications that have not been updated to the Vista names and still use the XP naming. That way the applications will still work. They just get redirected to the correct location. BTW, you get those XP named shortcuts even on a new install of Vista for the same reason.

    2.) It is just a shortcut. Can't you delete it?


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