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    Create a new connection wizard Problems (Windows X (Windows XP Pro )

    I am trying to use the "make a new connection wizard" so I can make a new dialer on my desktop so I can connect to the internet, but whenever I go to "Network Connections" and click Create A New Connection, the wizard just pops up and disappears in just a second. Is there a way of fixing this ? Can anyone please help me.

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    Re: Create a new connection wizard Problems (Windows X (Windows XP Pro )

    You very rapidly posted the same question FOUR times and in internet parlance that's known as cross-posting. Please don't do that. I made one suggestion in the post on the XP board and locked two of your others. Since I don't moderate this forum, I'll ask one of the Mods who do to please lock this one too, since I've already posted to one of them.

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