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    OrderBy not valid (Access 2000)

    I have a query where the sorting per liters works, as in: ORDER BY Sum([order details].liters) DESC;
    I have converted this query into an sql and made it the record source of the report.I have made the query dependant on the choice of the month, by choosing from the option box " Monaten" in the form "Switchboard" :
    WHERE (((Month([invoicedate])) = Forms!Switchboard!Monaten)

    However in that case the sorting per liters is lost, and I have the report opened correctly, but the results are not sorted per liters in descending order, even though I have the sorting in the SQL :
    " WHERE (((Month([invoicedate])) = Forms!Switchboard!Monaten) And ((products.size) > 1) And ((orders.paymentid) > 0) And ((Year([invoicedate])) = " & CnstYear & "))" & _
    " GROUP BY Customers.Customerid, Customers.CompanyName, ORDER BY Sum([order details].liters) DESC;"

    How could I make the sorting work in the report ?

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    Re: OrderBy not valid (Access 2000)

    Reports ignore the underlying sort order of an SQL query. You need to set the sort order specifically in the Grouping and Sorting dialog.
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