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    SharePoint vs Bullets & Numbering (2007)

    Has anyone seen cases where documents opened from a SharePoint server lose the Bullets and Numbering settings that were set at a different user? I know about naming list templates to avoid that, I'm wondering if there's something particularly weird going on with SharePoint.

    I have a customer using a competitor's set of templates with exactly this problem: Bob saves a doc to SharePoint, Emily opens it and the bullets and numbering are wrong. Bob mails the same doc to Emily and it's fine. I haven't been able to duplicate the problem -- but I use named list templates. On the other hand, I may have just not seen this problem yet.


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    Re: SharePoint vs Bullets & Numbering (2007)

    I haven't seen this as a problem with SharePoint and don't think that it will be the cause of the issue. I would think that because it handles not just Word files but anything else as well, it would be unlikely to make changes to the internal structure of the file just by saving there. However, Sharepoint can create document property metadata in the files that are loaded to it so perhaps it does also tamper with the internal structure.

    I would investigate the attached template for the document and see where the document is being saved when Emily opens it. Does it have access to the attached template in both scenarios? Is the template styles set to refresh on opening? How are the bullets and numbering applied - are they local formatting or style-driven?
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