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    Graphics lost on save (WD97)

    Hi out there
    I need some help / some comments on this: One of my customers (I am the Word supporter in our company) gets a document from a partner. Opens it in Wd97 to add more text. On Save / Save As all the graphics (placed inline) disappear completely and cannot be retrieved.
    My approach is that the document is corrupt, so I copy all except the last paragraph mark (my normal procedure for corrupt docs). Paste it into a new document. Save - and the graphic disappears.

    Then I open the document in my own Wd2000(SR-1). Save it. No problems. Asking the guy who originally produced the document it is revealed that it was created in Wd2000 (I don't know which SR).

    So my question is: Do you know of graphics disappearing from Wd2000 docs when they are opened and saved in Wd97. And of a cure???

    Many thanks in advance
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    Re: Graphics lost on save (WD97)

    I think a default installation of Word 97 might not have included support for GIF and JPG files, although, then, how would one be able to view them in the first place, unless there was a thumbnail that represented the object in its place. Hmmm... Can you create another document that behaves the same way (ok in 2000, loses graphics in 97)? If you open the document using Recover Text From Any File, does it give any information about the graphics that might be helpful (amidst all the gibberish)?

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    Re: Graphics lost on save (WD97)

    I am pretty sure the GIF/JPG support is OK, as all our reports in the company use lots of graphics. I'll try to get hold on another Wd2000 doc. to see if the error can be reproduced, and I'll see what Recover text from any file has to tell....
    Thanks so far
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