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    lock graphic in left margin (2002)

    I have a graphic inserted as a header. The graphic has a rectangular portion on the left side. I would like a rectangular bar, filled with the same color from the graphic, down the left margin of the page, but out of reach of a user just as the header/footer is out of reach. It's almost like I want a "left-footer" ... Of course, the user must be able to type in the body of the Word document. I cannot make this a watermark because if it's a watermark, it won't print with the color quality I need.

    Any thoughts? Am I missing something obvious here?

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    Re: lock graphic in left margin (2002)

    Can you use the Drawing toolbar and "draw" a rectangle with the right color fill in the header? The user will need to have the "Drawing objects" checkbox ticked under Tools>Options>Print, but I believe that is the default.
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